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Good mobilisation means the operations team can focus on service from day one.

At Jaguar we are determined to make a difference: we deliver a best in class mobilisation process delivered by a dedicated team.

Unlike our competitors, we do not simply place more pressure on our Site Managers and Account Managers. They are left to focus on the issues of the day such as building effective relationships with our customers and our site teams.

The mobilisation teams are talented groups of individuals comprising Engineers, Administrators and IT Technicians. Their job it is to ensure that our site team is fully equipped from day one of the contract, without exception. When staff TUPE across to us it is important that we set the scene from day one - because nothing else will do!

Equipping our Sites to succeed from day one

We provide:

UniformsTools and equipmentI.T, Mobile Phones, PDA’s & office computers/printersPermit SystemsStationery & Notice BoardsStatutory Log books and associated trainingEmergency Call-out escalation proceduresTimely appointment of specialist sub-contractorsProvision of all PPESoftware training

Understanding your Assets

We provide the following within the first 60 days of the contract:

Asset verification/condition surveysLife Cycle AnalysisRecording of BMS and fire alarm fault logs as an appendix to the condition reportCompilation of an agreed asset register/condition survey, which is issued to our CAFM team for uploading.Asset labelling

The Maintenance Regime – optimising asset life expectancy and reliability with operational costs.

Having reviewed the asset register and agreed any necessary amendments with our customer, we like to discuss the most appropriate maintenance regime. We are able to advise on the relative merits of HVAC SFG20, Condition-based monitoring or an amalgamation of the two, often referred to as Business-focused Maintenance. If you already have a maintenance specification we will happily adopt it, the choice is entirely yours!

Rodger Starling  profile pic 'cut out'

From experience the Jaguar mobilisation process is by far the best I have witnessed in my professional career, which exceeds 30 years.

Roger Starling, Senior Account Manager


Our CAFM team ensures full alignment of our core business needs.

The CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) department supplies a long term plan of planned & reactive data, giving us flexibility and efficiency and ensuring the full alignment of our core business needs.

The team's role is to:

Monitor, plan and schedule all PPMs to our systems to generate a smooth-running processUpload optimised Labour Loads and update the system as per contract renewalsProvide PDAs and PDA training to our engineers, to assist them in using their time efficiently and to do our bit for the environmentSupport our Roving Administrators: manage their timetables weekly to ensure that they know which sites they will be attending; visit sites to provide help and reassurance where needed; provide emergency cover of Roving AdministratorsCreate and upload import planners to our elogbooks systems before a contract startsProvide asset exports to our Business Development teamCAFM provides any help where a site manager needs assistance to issue and print PPMs, create current and forward maintenance plans and close down PPMs
Business-focused Maintenance

Our bespoke Business-focused Maintenance programmes ensure that your facility has the correct levels of service applied for the functions it supports.

Our Approach:

Our maintenance regimes are established following a number of site surveys, during which the Mechanical and Electrical assets are risk assessed from ‘business criticality’, ‘functional resilience’, ‘asset condition’ and ‘likelihood of failure’ viewpoints. The resulting risk score is used to determine the level of maintenance to be applied to each asset. Low risk score items have their maintenance regimes removed or reduced. High risk items have their maintenance reviewed and tailored applying Condition Based Monitoring techniques where suitable.

The benefits to our clients include:

Reduced business riskReduced health and safety riskReduced maintenance costsIncreased reliabilityIncreased uptimeStatutory Compliance

The key to successful projects is finding cost effective solutions that strike the right balance between cost, value and risk for our customers

Our Project Team is headed up by Richard George, who offers a first class 360° in-house engineering solution for all Mechanical, Electrical and Lifecycle replacement projects.

Our Project Managers have high levels of project expertise. They are committed, hardworking, passionate, and focused on customer care, which is at the centre of each and every project we deliver. We listen, we advise, and we collaborate, throughout the entire project process, from concept through to completion, as a pain free extension of the maintenance services and knowledge already on site.

Jaguar Building Services were the Principal Contractor for the replacement of 4 x Oil Fired Boilers totalling 2.4 megawatts of heating, installed at the European School. This was a Design & Build Contract and there were significant constraints imposed on JBS to deliver the majority of the works during the summer holidays. Through proactive management and regular communication the Project Team demonstrated their capabilities in delivering a critical project to the School. This was an outstanding project and the Client commended all involved in their tenacity to get the works delivered on time, within budget and to a high standard. I look forward to working on future projects with JBS.

Andy Tichopad, Cushman and Wakefield

We can deliver projects in either a principle or nominated contractor role:

Full CDM compliant Project delivery.


Chiller Replacement - Air Cooled and Water Cooled using VFD screw and Turbocor technology or traditional multiple scroll compressors, depending on application.Cooling Tower and Dry Air Cooler Replacement.Heat pumps and heat recovery Systems.VRV and VRF (Daikin / Mitsubishi) Multiple DX distribution systems.Air Handling Units / Fan Coil Units / VAV Boxes.CRAC unit installations.Heat MeteringBoiler & Pump Replacement.Office Refurbishment and Fit Out of office accommodation to CAT 5/6 specifications to include full turnkey solutions.Fully supported by our in-house Technical & Water Treatment Teams


We bring together technology and engineering excellence in order to optimise building controls, energy usage and integrate environments and work spaces.

BEMS associated with HVAC services. We work with TREND, Honeywell and Schneider, to name a few.

Electrical/Fire Alarm System

We provide a number of important services to ensure that our customers are compliant with regulations in the following areas:

HV / LV and PDU and DB Board Installations.Electrical Power Distribution Systems.Lighting Systems & Controls.Access Control / Security Systems / CCTV.Fire Protection Systems including Sprinkler Systems.Distribution & Switchgear Replacements
Water Treatment

Our Water Treatment services deliver value beyond contractual and legislative compliance and combine traditional water treatment values with new innovations

Seamlessly integrated with our wider M&E provision to clients, our team works closely with Account Managers and is involved from the start with the survey, tender and mobilisation, as well as attending EHO reviews. We're not sales driven, but rather assist in the retention and growth of our business as a whole, which gives us the space to focus on our customers' needs and to always pay attention to detail. It helps that we also have a limited portfolio and are directly accountable to our clients, rather than being sub-contractors in a chain of accountability.

Our Water Treatment services deliver value beyond contractual and legislative compliance and combine traditional water treatment values with new innovations for a trusted, yet adaptable service. We have competent and experienced staff, from our consultants to our engineers, who receive the highest level of training.

Services provided by our in-house specialists:

  • Domestic water bacterial monitoring and results consultancy
  • Closed circuit monitoring and consultancy
  • Cooling Tower Analysis
  • Efficiency reviews
  • Evaporation rebate applications
  • Compliance auditing
  • Training - L8 / HSG274 and practical tasks
  • CWST inspections
  • Temperature monitoring

Stuart's quality of work, knowledge and technical competence are invaluable. He currently assists us in monthly meetings. He is prompt, level headed and punctual. He is a key player in all meetings, always brainstorming ideas and solutions to help activate discussion. His attention to detail is noticeable and contributes a great deal in moving things along.

Adam Craig, Facilities Manager, JLL

Condition-based Maintenance

We apply Condition-based Maintenance to give a rapid assessment of asset condition.


There are several Condition-based Maintenance techniques which we utilise during the servicing of M&E equipment. We apply these as part of a Business-focused Maintenance program or on an ad-hoc basis to give a rapid assessment of asset condition.

Application of these techniques ultimately results in the following benefits to our clients' businesses:

  • Enhanced fault detection
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Increased reliability
  • Extended plant life

Power Quality

We carry out power quality analysis of electrical supplies within any building using Fluke 435 PQ analysers. Our highly skilled engineers ensure that this monitoring is conducted transparently, without the need to disrupt critical power supplies in the process.

The collected data is analysed, and a concise report is produced highlighting any power quality issues and the corrective actions required. These surveys are all carried out in-house, providing quick solutions to power quality issues so that expensive downtime can be minimised.

Vibration Analysis

We complete vibration analysis of all rotating machinery using a Fluke 810 Vibration Tester. Utilising this technique provides an early warning of upcoming failures of building services plant, allowing corrective action before lengthy and expensive downtime ensues. Following the VA survey, a RAG report is issued which assists the end user in scheduling effective repair works.

Partial Discharge Detection

We carry out partial discharge detection on all types of high voltage switchgear and cables. This technique is used to identify insulation breakdown within the equipment, which if left undetected, can lead to unplanned outages and lengthy downtime. A detailed report is produced on completion of the survey to allow any remedial actions to be scheduled in a timely manner.

UltraTEV Plus2 Partial Discharge Detector


We carry out thermographic surveys of all mechanical and electrical equipment. All our thermographers are trained to ITC level 2 standards using high resolution thermal imaging cameras and the latest reporting software. This ensures our surveys are conducted effectively with a clear, concise report being produced on completion.

FLIR T420 Thermal Imaging Camera
Energy and Sustainability

Reducing the building services-related energy consumption of your building is one of our highest priorities


At Jaguar, we recognise there’s not a ‘one size fits all’ solution for energy conservation within our industry. That’s why our energy reduction strategies are tailored to fit your property as well as the business-critical functions it supports.

We pride ourselves in our ability to critically assess the performance of all building services systems, rectifying energy waste attributed to inefficient operation. This gives our clients the confidence of knowing that their property's M&E infrastructure is delivering the best possible performance whilst consuming the minimum amount of energy.

Technical Support

We focus on providing the highest level of technical support to both our clients' and site-based engineers.

We fully understand the numerous challenges presented whilst operating and maintaining our client’s assets. Our collective experience, technical knowledge and tenacity allows us to take a pro-active approach in the mitigation and rectification of all building services related issues.

HVAC Performance Validation

We understand the importance of achieving thermal comfort within the spaces served by Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning plants. At Jaguar, we have the technical expertise and the specialised test equipment required to validate media flows in all HVAC systems and compare with design data. This allows us to accurately identify the root causes of underperforming HVAC plant speedily and with minimal disruption to occupiers.

Electrical Shutdown Maintenance and Integrated Systems Testing

The reliability of electrical distribution and standby power systems is critical for your facility to operate effectively, both in normal and emergency situations. A correctly applied maintenance regime and regular functional testing will ensure your electrical infrastructure continues to remain reliable throughout its service life.

Heating and Cooling

Our heating and cooling specialists know our clients' buildings and know our site-based engineers, so that they can hit the ground running for every job.

In order to provide a consistently high quality service to our customers we directly employ combustion and air conditioning technicians.

Each team is financially empowered to ensure that repairs are identified and completed without the need for lengthy approval processes.

The teams know our site technicians and our customers so when they visit a site they are familiar with the plant, the site specific procedures and those minor nuances that can hamper progress.

Reports are completed at the end of the visit and emailed to our Site Manager and our Customer on the day. We maintain excellent relationships with the equipment manufacturers and are able to call on superior technical support when required.

It’s about customer service!


Emergency Support

Emergency Support - your building in our care


As a complex building specialist we offer a robust out of hours emergency support facility. By utilising site familiar staff and dispensing with bureaux we ensure that your first call is answered by someone that understands the problem, knows where your site is and is able to decide the best course of action.

We ensure that our customers always have access to a robust escalation procedure, at the bottom of which is our MD's mobile number.