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Technical Support

We focus on providing the highest level of technical support to both our clients' and site-based engineers.

We fully understand the numerous challenges presented whilst operating and maintaining our client’s assets. Our collective experience, technical knowledge and tenacity allows us to take a pro-active approach in the mitigation and rectification of all building services related issues.

HVAC Performance Validation

We understand the importance of achieving thermal comfort within the spaces served by Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning plants. At Jaguar, we have the technical expertise and the specialised test equipment required to validate media flows in all HVAC systems and compare with design data. This allows us to accurately identify the root causes of underperforming HVAC plant speedily and with minimal disruption to occupiers.

Electrical Shutdown Maintenance and Integrated Systems Testing

The reliability of electrical distribution and standby power systems is critical for your facility to operate effectively, both in normal and emergency situations. A correctly applied maintenance regime and regular functional testing will ensure your electrical infrastructure continues to remain reliable throughout its service life.