Celebrating Women in Engineering Day 2022

We had a chat with one of our female engineers and Account Managers, Sally Burton.

Sally began her career at Jaguar as Site Supervisor for EMA, a contract Jaguar once had over on Canary Wharf. Sally then went on to become a Mobilisation Engineer, which progressed into a management role.

Three years ago, Sally progressed through the ranks once more and became an Account Manager. She currently looks after several sites within our portfolio, supporting clients and managing site teams across London. Sally commented:

“I first got into engineering because I liked the idea that each day was different, and I enjoy a challenge! I have really enjoyed every role I have had here at Jaguar, and I have experienced so many different sides of the building services industry. I love my role now and wouldn’t change it!”

We have a lot of women to be grateful for within our industry, not only our qualified female engineers but also the ones that have worked hard within a building services environment to ensure that everything runs as it should.

Thank you – we’re celebrating all of you today!