Charlotte Battram attends her first crane lift operation!

Jaguar's Projects Coordinator, Charlotte recently took the first steps into project management...

Charlotte has aspirations to become a Project Manager, so we took the opportunity to invite her to our project in Weybridge to view and understand what happens during a lifting operation.

Charlotte got an in-depth look at how the works are carried out, and the protocols and procedures that need to be in place.

Charlotte commented:

“I had a fantastic experience on-site attending my first crane lift. I got the chance to understand the complexities of what happens when we undertake this type of work. One thing that I did notice, was the amount of health and safety checks and procedures that need to be in place before any work commences.

I would also like to say a big thank you to our project partners who were very supportive in answering all of my questions!”

We look forward to following Charlotte’s journey into project management.