Jaguar help out the Caxton Youth Organisation

Our Associate Director, Robbie Kitson and Account Manager, Jay Nel were out of the office yesterday for a very special cause.

Robbie and Jay were helping the Caxton Youth Organisation make their building on Midge Island safe for children to stay overnight. Caxton Youth is a registered youth charity based in Westminster, offering a number of facilities and services tailored to improving the lives of young people with disabilities. Caxton helps young people to develop the skills needed for the future, and also supports individuals in growing their abilities to eventually become confident members of society.

Robbie and Jay installed several smoke detectors throughout the activity centre, along with a heat detector in the kitchen area. To ensure that the centre was fire safe, they also installed a fire extinguisher complete with signage as well as placing fire exit signs at the exit points.

For more information on this fantastic charity who do amazing things for the community of Westminster visit