Our Technical Team save the day!

In building services, we often talk of critical power and a recent emergency call to our Technical Services Department about a loss of power turned out to be just that!

The team were called to one of our buildings following a report by a tenant of a loss of power. On arrival our guys were advised that the tenant, a fertility clinic, had lost input power to their UPS system which provides power to their laboratories. A quick assessment of the infrastructure found the supply cable to the UPS Input switchboard had been damaged by construction workers in the loading bay. The cable was beyond immediate repair and the UPS was operating on its battery supply. Power had to be reinstated to the UPS system quickly before the UPS battery supply depleted, the consequences of which would have been disastrous!

Our quick-thinking team immediately set to work by safely installing a temporary supply cable from an alternate source. Fortunately, they were able to do this within the autonomy time of the battery and without loss of output power from the UPS, much to the relief of the tenant!

The temporary arrangement will remain in place until a planned shutdown can be arranged. Recommendations have also been made to make the tenants electrical infrastructure more resilient to the future.

Alongside our site-based engineering teams, our Technical department can always be called upon by our customers to provide expertise and support during engineering emergencies. They are regularly commended for their excellent work by our customers, and we are very proud to have them as a key part of our business.